About Us

At Serenity Therapy Solutions, we stand firm in our commitment to elevate the well-being of residents within skilled nursing facilities, and the cultivation of robust partnerships with our esteemed healthcare facility partners.

Serenity delivers comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to skilled nursing facilities.

While serving the healthcare landscape, our commitment sets us apart in three distinct ways:

Aligned with our overarching mission, we are wholly dedicated to fostering strong connections with our therapists, patients, and the skilled nursing facilities we serve. At Serenity, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Harmony with Humanity

Our therapists are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care and optimal outcomes within skilled nursing facilities. Through the implementation of our proprietary programs, protocols, and industry best practices, we ensure a standard of excellence that sets a benchmark in the field of therapy services.

Precision in Process

We prioritize transparency, communication, and performance with our healthcare facility partners. Our commitment to forging lasting partnerships ensures that we navigate the journey of healthcare collaboratively, with shared goals and mutual success.

Synergistic Partnership


At Serenity, our mission is to transform and improve the lives we touch through compassionate and personalized care, enhancing the well-being of patients within skilled nursing facilities.


We aspire to be the trusted partner empowering skilled nursing facilities to provide integrated and tailored healthcare solutions, achieving optimal outcomes for their residents.

Core Values:

Empathy, Empowerment & Engagement:
We approach every interaction with genuine empathy, a commitment to empowerment, and an engaging spirit dedicated to the well-being of patients in skilled nursing facilities.

Diversity, Dignity & Delight:
We value diversity, uphold dignity, and find delight in the unique qualities that make each individual and facility partner special.

Collaboration, Creativity & Community:
Collaboration is at our core. We believe in the strength of teamwork, foster a creative environment, and emphasize the importance of community in driving innovation and success.

Innovation, Insight & Impact:
We foster a culture of innovation, maintain a keen insight into evolving healthcare needs, and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of therapists, patients, and skilled nursing facility partners.

Transparency & Trust:
Our foundation is built on transparency and trust, ensuring honesty and integrity in all our interactions.

Join us at Serenity, where we deliver care, cultivate partnerships, and empower skilled nursing facilities to transform lives through our unwavering commitment to excellence in therapy services.